We dont bite...

But our sauce does.

Meet the gear-heads that are
running the show. If you're lucky and
you promise not to make a scene, you
might get some barbeque out of the deal.

The Pitmaster

Dan Goral: driver, barbeque specialist

He can make one hell of a barbeque sauce and is the one who is putting the 'barbeque' into The Carbeque. As an ex-sprint car driver and trials rider we're hoping he corners faster than it takes him to make a texas style brisket-which is about 8 hours.

The Gearhead

Adam Goral: driver, team leader

This kid seriously thinks about cars too much. While going to college he is a pizza driver almost purely for the reason he can drive for work. He's also the team manager. This all is here because he had a vision... and of course it had a freakin' car in it. Predictable.

Mr. Big

Mitch Litrofsky: driver, entrepreneur

When everyone else thought The Carbeque was too crazy for words, Mitch stared logical reasoning straight in the face until it wet its pants. This is the guy that got The Carbeque rolling and put his wallet where no one else dared: on the initial purchase of our fine Swedish rust-bucket.

The Grease-Monkey

Adam Haste: driver, auto specialist

Give him a wrench, he'll find a piece of metal to bang on until its fast. Adam is the head mechanic of this here operation, and he drives as fast as his Gibson SG shreds. If he's not driving cars, fixing cars, or dreaming about cars, Adam is probably firing out some of the meanest face-melting guitar riffs this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

The Rockstar

Max Litrofsky: social media icon

Teenager extrordinaire. Friends? He's got em. Facebook friends? They're the same friends. Which is why he is the teams social media engineer and Facebook specialist. So now his friends are our friends.

The Code-Monkey

Sam Goral: driver, web specialist

Well folks, nothing to see here. Move along now...