What's all this about?

Armed with a team of barbeque and
automotive experts and a 1989 Saab 900
purchased for $400, Team Carbeque is a
unique racing team determined complete the 24 hours
of LeMons... all while making barbeque under the hood.

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Where we are, and preparing for the future

Posted by The Gearhead on October 28, 2010, 1:29 pm CST

What do you do when you get together a group of people in transitional periods of higher education, starting businesses, and working full time careers? A race team of course! As some of you may have noticed, the carbeque wasn't ready for the race, we're looking at it as a positive thing.

Without an actual shop to work in, it has been a slow process of acquiring tools and parts...but we have almost everything we need now! We were close though, the car is nearly done. We just have to put the brakes together (the entire system was completely roached, one of the main problems we've had), figure out what to do about the seized rear shock bolts, modify the seat brackets to allow more legroom for our tall drivers, and address the issue with some threads in the head getting messed up. After that the car will be on the road and ready to cook....or drive. Whichever this is about.

The Carbeque's first competition appearance will be the Detroit Lemons race at Gingerman at the beginning of July, and if we don't destroy the car, we'll be back for the Autobahn race at Joliet in October 2011! These new dates will allow us to get on track practice and testing during the spring. All in all, the team will be better, stronger, more delicious, and faster with the extra time to prepare. For now, you can visit the photo gallery of the race in our media section, and a video is coming soon when I can figure out how to save it in a small enough file to upload to Youtube.

Updates on the way




Thinking about BBQ

...does it ever stop?

Posted by The Pitmaster on October 4, 2010, 7:10 pm CST

Spent the day BBQ'ing in the oven today, did a pulled pork shoulder with a South Carolina style mustard sauce. Here's a great way to remember your barbeque states, these guys are really great!




Pictures 9/26

Posted by The Codemonkey on September 26, 2010, 9:20 pm CST

Check out the pictures on our flickr taken today (follow the blue "Fr" icon at the bottom of this page), they show how sparkly our engine bay is. Clean enough to eat off of? Only if you're as crazy as us!




Team trailer up

Posted by The Gearhead on September 25, 2010, 4:34 pm CST

Finally took the time to learn how to cut video, so here you go! It's a brief summary of everything we've done; including car shopping, test drive, gutting, and removing the engine. Since this video was made we installed the spare trans that came with the car, painted the engine bay with anti-rust paint, shimmed the A-arms (for mucho front negative camber ) and fixed a major issue with a seized and sheared a-arm mounting bolt, reinstalled the engine, connected shift linkage, and more took a look under the valve cover...our engine is in excellent shape!




The Team: Lets learn how to use this site!

Posted by The Gearhead on September 11, 2010, 11:30 am CST

The Codemonkey finally decided to show us how to use this site, so now we get to try. Actual updates soon to follow, so this is a test. Brace yourself for a new concept in the history of thecarbeque.com.......CONTENT. Rejoice.




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