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Armed with a team of barbeque and
automotive experts and a 1989 Saab 900
purchased for $400, Team Carbeque is a
unique racing team determined complete the 24 hours
of LeMons... all while making barbeque under the hood.

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Time to pack up and ship out

Posted by Adam G on April 18, 2013, 11:40 pm CST



Are we ready? Haha, well...I dunno if anyone can make that claim going to a LeMons event. We are ready-er than we have been before going into a race, though. First day (Saturday) 10am-7:30pm, second day (Sunday) 12noon-5pm. The weather will be cold and clear. The BBQ, hot and fresh. If luck is on our side it will also have more race laps than you. OK..okokokok...here we go!




Out the window

Posted by Cap Carbeque on April 14, 2013, 11:34 pm CST

The plan to have the car done and loaded on to Willy's trailer today, totally out the window. Mostly because there's still time until Gingerman and when you have a race car in your garage, if there's time, there's time to work. As the car sits it's race ready, but that's just not good enough. Stuff done this weekend:


Spent nearly 3hrs in the car to pick up some polycarbonate sheeting, only to come back and utterly suck at sizing, cutting, and fitting it. The sweet smell of burning plastic, the amazing feeling of plasic sawdust filling every crevase of your body... sure it's lightweight, but at what cost? One is a lot of learning the hard way. Mostly learning that working with super-tough plastic pretty much sucks. Still have to take the windows back off, seal them, and add better fasteners to keep them in. Otherwise, I'd swear the car was held together with self tapping screws.


Lexan Windows


Lexan Saab Windows


Also a few random tasks here and there (because racecar) like lowering the sideskirts and gutting the fuel filler neck. No more standing around for 5min waiting for fuel, especially since the rules forbid us to turn the BBQ and rotate racks while fueling. With a 1.5" filler diameter, we should be able to dump fuel at least twice as fast...awesome.


Saab filler neck


Speaking of BBQ, the pitmaster has been working on a revised BBQ cooking enclosure that integrates a grease trap. I really didn't want to mention it much, but the bottom of our car was totally covered in meat juice and delicious delicious grease after Road America. Well, the bottom of the car, the engine bay, the transmission, the top of the front splitter, the tires, the brakes the suspension. Really it was a meaty greasy quagmire, but it smelled fantastic. Anyway, avoiding that this year, the box will have a lip feeding into a container to catch excess grease. You can sort of see it in this, the box is not a simple device mind you. This is high tech stuff, so high tech the pitmaster uses Fermilab endorsed rulers. He's also the only human on Earth that knows how to put it together.




At first I was apprehensive about releasing top secret blueprints onto the internet, but that apprehension was replaced by thoughts of a contest that involved trying to figure out what all that on the paper actually means. I know how the box works, and I still barely understand all the jibbajabba scribbled in this notebook.


More coming in the next few days, including a super (ridiculous) race car surprise. We are so...so pro.





Posted by Adam G on April 8, 2013, 11:41 pm CST

As I was piling some old rims acquired from Team Failcar into the garage last night, I realized that this wasn't just another set of tired stock SAAB wheels. We were going to be rolling on a set that has crossed the finish line in first place. These rims have some history! Robin Bank doesn't only have the best name ever, he built the Rbankracing.com SAAB 900 that won Lemons outright. When Rob retired the car, Simon bought it and the result became most appropriately named team on the Chumpcar roster. Fast forward. Late October 2012, Road America. I've volunteered once again to crew for Team Failcar, which is having some issues with the rear brakes on the old rbank SAAB. The brake bias valve is malfunctioning causing the locking up of their right rear wheel. In every corner. This gave birth to the most flatspotted tire to ever come off of a racing car, behold...THE OCTAGON, it is among us.

flat spotted tire


In reality, this tire has around 20 flatspots going down to the cords so...geometrically speaking its not an octagon, but we named it THE OCTAGON (all caps) anyway. Also, it sounds like some kind of underground karate syndicate battle dungeon. I'm cool with that. We eventually jammed a ball bearing into the rear brake line fitting effectively disabling the back brakes all together. The car instantly gained 10 seconds a lap. The video I made above chronicles that fateful race. Failcar II is being completed now, and that car will get some fancy racing wheels. We'll gladly put their old spares to use, great success!



Cant wait to clean the rims up, put on a fresh coat of rattlecan paint, and mount some brand new tires. Less than one week until we load the car up into Willy's trailer and go racing. The list is getting shorter by the day..stuff gettin done son.


tire cords




The obligitory "this is what we're doing blah blah blah" post

14 Days Till Departure

Posted by Captain Blahblah on April 3, 2013, 9:56 pm CST

Welcome to a sneak peak behind the scenes look at pre-race car preparation for Gingerman in a couple weeks. Hint: long ass lists help sometimes. This To-Do list is online so we can look up things on the smarphone music player device in the garage, after the alcohol kicks in and someone inevitably loses the notebook with the original list. Lists on paper are so 2003 anyway.


Fresh EBC bluestuff brakes - Done.


Redo all the seat hardware in Grade 8 - Done.


Replace the wacky rear diffuser with lightweight HDPE. The old one is heavier than the sun and although in this photo makes the car look like a super cool James Bond submarine, this car needs some lightness added. -- Done


Replace the glass windows with polycarbonate/lexan.


Modify the front hoodscoop to...actually....work....hopefully.


Install our new set of Direzza ZII tires (drool).


Well, that's easy enough, practically ready to race! There were a few other things though that didn't make it onto the info-pointy-graphic...because the MS Paint trial period limits to 7 arrows per picture. It definitely counted one of those as two, but I'll list the rest quickly here anyway.











Before we get started....

Posted by Adam G, Cap on March 21, 2013, 6:48 pm CST

Even though it doesn't look like it outside here (March 21, its well below freezing outside), the 2013 season is about to start, but before we pull the car out of storage and start work on this season's upgrades, I want to give a shout-out to the guys that helped us get this far. I know I know, we put up a big front. Our super professional website and at the track facilities easily rival those of Audisport or McLaren, but in reality we run this team on a super tight budget. It's hard to describe how expensive getting a POS SAAB around a racetrack for 16 hours at a time is, but trust us it aint cheap. Plus, we're not race engineers, we're cooks. It goes without saying that our sponsors are a huge reason everything you see here is possible. These guys actually know about stuff!

EBC has been working with us since the beginning to get a proper brake setup, and with a full set of EBC bluestuffs and EBC disks our brake balance has finally come into its own. I can't vouch for other cars, but our stripped out SAAB loves them. When we started out, threshold braking was...well...a bit hairy. Let's admit it, the SAAB 900 wasn't exactly built for road racing, it was built for snow. Its insanely front biased weight distribution is a trophy to that. The non-turbo version was apparently was built to BBQ, go figure. Also,without some parts from eEuroparts.com we never would have finished at Road America, let alone 4th in class, beating LeMans champion Emanuele Pirro, and making one of the best manifold cooked meals ever at the same time. Those guys know their stuff, thanks eEuroparts! Same goes to Fast Tire's help with our tires and wheel bearing installation. Fast Tire has a Hunter GSP9700 balancing machine, which is a bunch of numbers and letters. It's also tip top equipment. It's nice having SOMETHING on the car I don't have to worry about exploding in a heinous failcloud. Fast Tire is located in Antioch, and are also a full service shop so check out their website and get a cappuccino while you're in there gettin da service.


We are super amped for our next season. Two races, one coming up in about a month (back to get our revenge on Gingerman Raceway), and work is about to get started. Look forward to a new post when work gets started sometime this week...if Lake County IL ever thaws out.




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