The store

The rules of the 24 Hours of LeMons
state that, "If you sell pieces off of your
car, the money that comes back in can be
used to offset the [$500 price limit]."

Help us out by buying some of our junk. Please?

Rear Speakers


When we got the car, these speakers were sitting in the back, unwired to the stereo. The guy we bought the car from said they work, but we have no way to test them.


They were most likely never used, sitting unwired in the back of this car for their entire life. They are Dual brand and look to be in great condition.


We'd be willing to sell the whole board with both speakers attached. If you're interested, email us. We have more pictures.



Supposedly they are heated, but once again, we have no way to test that feature: our 900 isn't equipped to handle headed seats. Props to the bonehead who paid extra for them.


They have some super light stains but nothing major.


Whether you're looking for vintage auto furniture or replacement seats for your 900, these are perfect for you!

Front speakers


Kenwood brand, work great. Good condition. Come with mounts for the Saab 900.


Ask for more details if interested.

Kenwood KDC-6009

Car stereo SOLD!!!

Works awesome. Plays CD's even the radio!


Ask for more info and pictures if interested.

Everything else:

Take a look through these pictures and decide for yourself

There's plenty of stuff we're willing to part off but we don't have the time to list it on this site. Contact us if you see anything you want.


And don't be dumb and ask us for stuff we obviously need unless you want us to assemble a team of ninjas to show up at your house and ruin your life.